Helping individuals and families break the destructive cycle of addiction

Addiction intervention and recovery partner


A lot of people associate addiction with weakness

But they couldn’t be more wrong. Having an addiction doesn’t make you a weak person, it shows that you’re strong.

Why? Because it takes a lot of strength to face your loved ones when life is balancing on a knife-edge. It takes a lot of strength to keep up the exhausting emotional lies. It takes a lot of strength to check into rehab for a fourth time, even though it never works. And it takes a lot of strength to get through another 24-hours of fear, guilt, shame and self-loathing.

It takes a strong person to look like you’re holding it together when your world is falling to pieces, and an even stronger one to admit you need help and support to fix it.

You’re strong, but you don’t have to go through recovery alone. With me:


You’ll have someone to talk to on your darkest days and hours.


You’ll find it much easier to remove self-imposed barriers.


You’ll stick with the program, even when it gets super-hard.

I’m Kalpa,
your addiction recovery partner.

Addiction is the best thing to ever happen to me.

For over twenty-five years, I worked in the dental industry. I had a six-figure salary, a beautiful home, a wonderful family. Life was perfect.

Except I was addicted to drink.

When I finally hit rock bottom, health professionals prescribed me antidepressants and ushered me onto the rehab-AA merry go round. But instead of curing me, it taught me how to hide my addiction. 

That made me so angry!

How could a system designed to help the most vulnerable be so broken?

So I stopped attending AA and challenged the misinformation, stigma and judgement surrounding addiction for myself.

After dealing with own addiction challenges, I decided to do something to fix the system. 

I studied addiction at one of the world’s leading addiction research centres, started working in recovery centres and qualified as an Addiction Intervention and Recovery Specialist. 

I launched sAkshI to help individuals and their families escape the vicious cycle of addiction.

The word sAkshI, or साक्षी in Sanskrit, means observer or eyewitness. And it’s central to my coaching. Why? Because, honestly, I hate the word “coach”. What does it mean anyway?

I’d rather you saw me as a confidant, advocate, ally, cheerleader,  truth-teller, problem solver or companion bearing witness to your recovery.

I’ll push you, champion you, laugh with you and tell you some harsh truths – but successful recovery is down to your commitment and hard work. I’m just there to observe.

“Kalpa saw me, heard me…. We worked with what was strong in me not wrong with me – life changing!”


Recovery is possible!

My four essentials to successful recovery are:


When you feel connected to the world, the better chance you have of recovery. Together we’ll unearth your life’s purpose, fire your passions and light up the parts of your life darkened by addiction.


Group therapy is neither confidential nor anonymous, which is why it doesn’t work for everyone. My sessions are 100% confidential, giving you a safe space to rant, scream, cry and laugh about anything and anyone.


It’s important to create a community who’ll form a support network in your recovery – so it’s vital trusted family members, friends or colleagues play an active role in your treatment.


I’ll give you the tools, structure and support to change. We’ll work hard and even laugh a little too. All I ask in return is for you to give me your full commitment.

Addiction tears even the closest families and loving relationships apart.

The unconditional love of a person with addiction’s family and friends, despite the repeated betrayal and lies, is humbling.

Yes, you’ll try to help, but more often than not by sending them to group meetings, rehab or giving them money you’ll only succeed at enabling their addiction further. You struggle because you love.

Why? Because you’re not a person with addiction, and without support and education, you’re ill-equipped to help an out-of-control, addicted person.

Getting family and friends involved during treatment not only establishes a stable support system at home, it removes the misconceptions surrounding addiction too. You’ll also learn effective and useful strategies, like:

  • Setting boundaries
  • Self-care
  • Detachment

And I don’t have to be treating your loved one for you to make a call or book an appointment. I can help bring the person with addiction on board, no matter how broken down the relationship, further down the line.

Recovery from addiction is as much about family and friends, as it is about the individual.

You deserve more.

If you’re tired of putting on a brave face when everything is falling apart, it’s time to reach out – call me. Whether you need a one-off conversation or multiple sessions - the choice is yours. Just as your recovery is.


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